About Us

Allen and Dayna Parker started Back 2 One Productions to combine the two things that people like most in this world–high quality video production…and saving money. Through a variety of techniques that help us bypass the overhead and hassles of most normal production houses, we are able to create top notch video content at a fraction of the typical cost. Expensive cameras and lighting equipment are a thing of the past. Equipped with the latest and greatest in mobile video technology and a handy assortment of steady cam rigs we can create, capture and edit anything from a beautiful wedding video to a high energy music video to commercials and industrials for the corporate world. We take care of all facets of production in house. From writing, directing, shooting and editing to even casting if necessary, we ensure a timely delivery of a professional product. We look forward to working with you and making your vision come to life.

Allen Parker–Writer, Director, Videographer, Editor

Dayna Parker–Photographer, Videographer